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As expected, the fingerprint scanner modules you see around do something a little more secure than just TTL High for Fingerprint Found... it says at serial 9600 bd "Fingerprint #22 found, confidence 86". Now, all a talented crook needs is a rooted Android and a USB-serial adapter to tell the MCU to unlock.

I was contemplating putting these on my door and car: https://www.hackster.io/nickthegreek82/arduino-fingerprint-sensor-tutorial-103bb4

I can't change what the driver board says, it won't output raw matching data no matter how hard I try... but, it can be moved to a secure location, can't it? I did something similar to a RFID keypad, dumb design had mag + terminals behind a pull-away keypad, a dime would gain entry! I took antenna and put that outside, the rest of keypad went on interior wall.

Anyone toyed with these sensors to know how hard it would be to seperate driver board from optical assy?

A bit worried as I see a lot of pins.
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If an attacker can reach a serial socket and plug in then your security is already compromised.

I can't picture your actual concern but it seems like the fingerprint scanner is a physical weak point so an attacker can tap into the wires behind it while it is operating. So add a tamper switch and stop talking to the scanner when you detect that it is tampered.
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Morgan thx. I'll add a tamper circuit. Saves complexity of splitting scanner apart. I'll trip a stun gun to back of it.... jk but it will sound alarm and call me.
Just because I live in the states don't mean I care

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