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Hello everyone!

I am using GY-MAX30100 sensor to measure HeartRate and spo2. I am getting proper readings from the sensor when I am not sending my readings to firebase but when I start sending my readings to firebase, my sensor stops measuring heart rate and spo2 reading and only sending 0 bpm and 0 spo2 readings to firebase and even to my serial monitor.

Here is my code, when I am sending my readings to Firebase:

Code: [Select]
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <FirebaseArduino.h>

// Set these to run example.
#define FIREBASE_HOST "test-8bc5c.firebaseio.com"
#define FIREBASE_AUTH "JATYiyaws143Yd68A12wjlG38MBa3UjFAn4BZ2Rv"
#define WIFI_SSID "TP-LINK_8D8E"
#define WIFI_PASSWORD "qwerty1234"

#include <Wire.h>
#include "MAX30100_PulseOximeter.h"
float bpm = 0.0;
float oxygen = 0.0;

#define REPORTING_PERIOD_MS     1000
// PulseOximeter is the higher level interface to the sensor
// it offers:
//  * beat detection reporting
//  * heart rate calculation
//  * SpO2 (oxidation level) calculation
PulseOximeter pox;
uint32_t tsLastReport = 0;
// Callback (registered below) fired when a pulse is detected
void onBeatDetected()
void setup()
    Serial.print("Initializing pulse oximeter..");
    // Initialize the PulseOximeter instance
    // Failures are generally due to an improper I2C wiring, missing power supply
    // or wrong target chip
    if (!pox.begin()) {
    } else {
    // The default current for the IR LED is 50mA and it could be changed
    //   by uncommenting the following line. Check MAX30100_Registers.h for all the
    //   available options.
    // pox.setIRLedCurrent(MAX30100_LED_CURR_7_6MA);
    // Register a callback for the beat detection
void loop()
    // Make sure to call update as fast as possible
    // Asynchronously dump heart rate and oxidation levels to the serial
    // For both, a value of 0 means "invalid"
      if (millis() - tsLastReport > REPORTING_PERIOD_MS) {
          bpm = pox.getHeartRate();
          oxygen = pox.getSpO2();
          Serial.print("Heart rate:");
          Serial.print("bpm / SpO2:");
          tsLastReport = millis();
     Firebase.setInt("/heartbeat", bpm);            
     Firebase.setInt("/oxygen", oxygen);

Here are my readings when I am trying to send data to Firebase:

Code: [Select]
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%
Heart rate:0.00bpm / SpO2:0.00%

I will be very thankful to you if you will look into my problem.
Thank You!

PS: I have also attached my sensor's picture:


Not really familiar with firebase but the example demo code has error checking which you do not
Code: [Select]

Firebase.setFloat("number", 42.0);
  // handle error
  if (Firebase.failed()) {
      Serial.print("setting /number failed:");

That may help shed some light on what is going wrong.

You also make your firebase calls EVERY time through loop() - maybe put them inside your time delay loop like your serial output.

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