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I would like to transfer this project made with a PIC microcontroller into an Arduino Nano:


The link contains both the PIC code and the circuitboard.

I have tried contacting the author but I have not been able to.

If anyone is up for the challenge, let me know and send me a quote.




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Why not find a PIC forum and ask someone to program up a chip for you? I've had to do this in the past.
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Its not a very big program , the problem is the PIC code is in assembly which means most Modern PIC programmers especially hobbyist and causal users are not going to be able to do or will struggle with.
So this cuts down the pool of people able or willing to help you port code, big time.
My understanding is 95+ of modern PIC code is not written in assembly.

Is it possible  there is a C version of the code?

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