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Has anyone seen any code to simply connect the I2C pins on the 32U4 chip and pass the information directly to the Linux Atheros controller.  The idea is to use OWFS to do all the dirty work for sensing and configuring the one wire devices through the DS2482-100/800 chip sets.  Of course the Atheros would need to see the I2C port to do this. 

I have an old Yun setup that's been running for years but the code to do that many temperature and humidity sensors was a nightmare (it also used the DS2482-100).  I've since then made two setups now with the PI and Tinker but the Yun is simple and gives other options with the 32U4.  Also it's proven to be incredibly reliable and not power hungery.

I haven't looked to see if OWFS is in the Yun 2 repository?  Probably is.

Anyone doing this or thought about it?

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