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I trying using a board ESP32CAM of DiyMore but its no work...my first projeto with ESP32CAM was a AI-Thinker and works fine...
I´m using this link to AI-Thinker...

Maybe ESP32CAM DiyMore its a difrent pinout?


Hi stefanodias! I have the same issue with ESP32-CAM DiyMore. Getting this error: "Detected camera not supported".

Have you solved it?


I solved this by doing the following :

During program mode set up the FTDI programmer to 3.3v, connect the vcc of the FTDI to the 3.3v of your esp32 cam.

Connect the GND to GPI0 of the esp32-cam, connect Rx and TX of the FTDI to esp32 cam as of the attached image, thereafter push the flash button and click upload.

After upload, you can disconnect power and do the following:

1)disconnect the GND from the GPI0,

2)change the FTDI voltage from 3.3v to 5v.

3)Connect the vcc of the FTDI to 5v input pin of the esp32-cam

4)connect back the power and tap the reset button

5)open the serial monitor, and everything should go fine

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