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Please make it visible. I did that for your images in Reply #4 - now it's your turn.

Robin, I don't what to say, can you copy paste these instructions? I will gladly comply but I do not know how. My company has that link blocked for some unknown reason.


Paul and Steve,

I think I am beginning to understand. AnalogWrite, does not directly regulate the voltage, it sends out square waves of varying frequency. This is starting and stopping the motor too fast for the current to keep up. Am I close?

I need a way to power the DC motor with variability so that I can calibrate the whole machine later on. Is there a way to do this in the code or would I have to use some sort of voltage divider?

Also, Steve, the digitalWrite was meant to be analogWrite but even that is wrong. and the wall adaptor says 9.0V and 1.3A.


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My company has that link blocked for some unknown reason.
Why not look at it on your personal PC ?

After you have uploaded the image go to your Reply and right-click the image link so you can get its address (URL) and then edit your Reply so you can add the visible image by clicking the Image button and pasting the address.

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