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Is there a way to connect & disconnect a speaker w/ out using a relay? If you know of a way please explain how it should be set up...


also is there an audio file type that that can go on an micro-SD card and when read has the same signal as a mic would with the same audio input?
Basically what I'm trying to do is send an audio file from a micro-SD card to the mic's connection on a 20-second record-and-playback module while it is recording, then trigger the recorded audio file then record a new and differant file from the SD card... THIS is the module I have
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This what I think will work as a relay, it's chip, but word relay still present in it's name.


2A, 0.25 Ohm in ON - looks promising.

To adjust signal down mic level try resistive divider.


you can use a  n MOSFET to switch on/off the speaker,connect it in series w the ground  cable of the speaker and the gate trough a resistor to the control circuit, if you have high level on the MOSFET gate he speaker is on and reverse
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