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Hi, I have 8 chickens and every day I have to open and close there coop door. I want to build a circuit that opens and closes the coop door every day. The coop does not that a power supply so the Arduino will have to run off batteries. I want to be able to save energy. I am new so any suggestions would be great.

Here is a picture of what it looks like


For anything relying on the time of day, you will want a real time clock - RTC
I suspect that a geared DC motor would be useful for lifting and lowering that door.
2 limit switches to tell your system that the door has fully opened or fully closed so you can stop the motor.
A controller for your motor - h-bridge is the term to look for so that you can run the motor both ways.


There is a comprehensive rtc library Time Alarms which might be of use. It is a companion to the Time library.
I can understand having an RTC to open a coop door, but not closing.  Can chooks tell the time that accurately?


Being unattended, be sure that the mechanism is safe for the chickens (e.g. can it generate forces that could hurt one of them if it got caught up as the door was closing?)

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