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Jun 21, 2019, 07:51 am Last Edit: Jun 21, 2019, 09:11 am by Ridah

I am connecting bno055 shuttle board (with application board) with Arduino Uno ( ATmega328P) via i2c as given below:

bno055 gnd (pin 3) - Arduino gnd
bno055 sda (pin17) - Arduino A4
bno055 scl (pin 18) - Arduino A5
bno055 reset (pin 19) - Arduino reset
I have not connect Vcc as application board is already giving required voltage (3.3V)

When i run examplle "i2c scanner" program  I see an address of  (0x47)  71 which  should be 0x28 or 0x29 as per on page 90 of user guide given in link below.


Running the program (read_all_data or raw_data) which is provided by Arduino gives problem detecting message  ("Ooops, no BNO055 detected ... Check your wiring or I2C ADDR!").

Can I please know if I'm doing something wrong? How can i solve this?

This sensor will later be used in an indoor robot to know its heading direction and angle.

Thank you.


It takes a bit of time to boot up before it will respond to communications. Try putting a delay at the start of your program.

Tormented me for days before I finally figured that out :)


Did you try adding something like delay(5000); at the top of the setup function of your sketch? I don't know how long the delay needs to be, but surely 5 seconds is plenty long enough.

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