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i try to make a code for saving energy in arduino by using IDLE MODE...
i used timer 2 for give an intteruption to my processeur every 6s...
but my problem is,how i can make a mesure to verify that my code is correct???
can someone help me please....


#include <Timer.h>
#include <avr/sleep.h>

const int ledPin=13 ;    //declarer le port 13 comme output
int iEtat ;

TIMER TIM = TIMER();  //instancier la class de la TEMPS

void setup() {
  pinMode (ledPin,OUTPUT);
  iEtat = 0 ;    //initialise à 0
  digitalWrite (ledPin,iEtat);     //ecrire la valeur iEtat à broche 13
  TIM.Init() ;            //appelle la fonction donc la biblio
  TIM.Stop() ;            //appelle la fonction donc la biblio
  TIM.Set(6000) ;        //appelle la fonction donc la biblio
  TIM.Start() ; 
  set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_IDLE);   // sleep mode is set here
  sleep_enable();  //appelle la fonction donc la biblio

void loop(){
  enum TIMERSTATE EtatDuTimer ;    
    while(1) {   
     digitalWrite (ledPin,iEtat);
      EtatDuTimer = TIM.GetState() ;
      if(EtatDuTimer == FINI) {
        iEtat = ! iEtat ;
        digitalWrite (ledPin,iEtat);
        TIM.Start() ;


You could measure the current draw with and without your sleep code.  If the current draw is lower during sleep then you have done it correctly.
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placing an ampmeter reading the current taken by the arduino will let you know if your code is doing something.

Regarding the code, I have no idea if it'll work since I haven't seen how the TIMER class is built. But I suspect that it won't work since it should need an interrupt function to be called every 6s (or when the timer expires). But again, I have no idea if this is the case.
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which pin must i make a mesure to read a current taken by the arduino???


Usually you would be using energy saving features when your project has to run off batteries.  Put the current meter between the + side of the battery and here the battery connects to the Arduino, typically the Vin pin, +5 pin, or the power jack.
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There have been other recent threads regarding this topic, eg:

Search for "sleep_cpu" and you will find a good deal of material.

You will find that SLEEP_MODE_IDLE will be woken up by any interrupt, including the timer0 one, which will fire every 1,000 microseconds.  Even so, sleeping the CPU will make your main loop run at a thousand loops/sec rather than a million plus.  The energy savings might well be worth it.

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