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Hi Everyone!

I'm making a 4 wheeled, Bluetooth controlled robot.
For the example how to do it, I have a look at this Instructable ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Smartphone-Controlled-Arduino-Rover/)
I ordered the needed things, and they arrived. I wired everything that shown in the video(https://youtu.be/kewza7RyKMQ).
I powered it up.
I uploaded the code, that is given in the Instructable.
With the uploading there was no error.
I connected the controller app to the Bluetooth module.
It connected.
BUT it don't want to move anywhere.
I tried to push all the buttons, but there was no reaction.  :(
What can be the problem?
Please help me as soon as possible.


You could connect the robot to your computer via USB and open the Serial monitor. What do you see in the  monitor when you press buttons in the controller app? This tests if the phone app is talking successfully to the Arduino.

What power are you using? The instructable gives several battery options and some of them are rubbish.

Please post the actual code you are using (as text using </> code tags) and a diagram showing exactly how YOUR robot is wired, particularly the power and all the wiring between the board and the motor driver. Also give links to the actual components you have.


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