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Topic: PZEM004T (V3.0) not reading correctly when connected to arduino nano or uno (Read 187 times) previous topic - next topic



I have got a PZEM004T (V3.0) module when connected to nano with 5V supply its reading 0.0V even when i am giving AC supply of 240V to PZEM004T.

I have connected PZEM004T (V3.0) over software serial pin 10, 11 and tried it with other pins line 9,10 and 2,3 as well still its reading 0.00 V on my serial monitor.

The library i am using is https://github.com/olehs/PZEM004T
and running the example code PZEMDisplay.ino

Also tried it with my uno board still giving same output voltage of 0.0V when supplied with AC 240 volt to PZEM004T.

On logic analyzer what i observed is the data is been transmitted properly for voltage as given in the PZEM004T i.e.  B0 C0 A8 01 01 00 1A.
But not getting any response from PZEM004T.

What can be the issue, please guide me.

Thank you,


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