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I am just going to start out saying I a VERY new to Arduino, so sorry if I'm not in the know. I would like to create a 10-LED output, similar to this:
but with 10-LEDs opposed to 4. If I am not clear on what I mean, please do ask. Thank you!


I would like to create a 10-LED output, similar to this
So, what is the problem?

I'm guessing that getting the remaining percent of battery is the problem. You should google this site to see all the issues involved.


Arduino is able to read voltage of the connected battery. From this, you can calculate the range of fully charge to completely drain. Then you can use if statement to output the desire LED


The type of battery is crucial information. For some it is almost impossible to know what percentage energy they still have available. For others it may be possible but tricky.

Once you've worked that out then doing the display is quite easy.


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