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I received the 5v 2A power supply above and it still didn't work. I tested the output and it is only outputting 1 amp :(

I am returning it and looking for another power supply. What is the max I can use on this servo? Does anyone know of a reputable seller for these who isn't going to sell me one that doesn't meet its spec?


For a servo the voltage is important.  If powered with the right voltage the servo will pull only the current that it needs (if the supply is capable of supplying the current).


It would be a good idea to buy something marketed as a POWER SUPPLY not as a CHARGER. They're not the same thing.

Provided is it 5V you can get one that is able to supply any amount of current (2A or more). Even if it COULD supply 100A the servo will still only take what it needs.



Thank you slipstick & groundFungus! I purchased an actual power supply as recommended that is rated for 6V 3A DC. When I check it with the multimeter I'm not getting any readings for V or A. I can check other power supplies and get readings like I would expect. So, I'm thinking this might be DOA; but can't try it out to be sure because I'll have to destroy it to check in my application.

My question is a point of clarification (thank you both for your patience and help with this!). Let's pretend this 6V 3A power supply isn't DOA. Would you guys expect this to have enough voltage and amperage to power the servo in question? Also, why do many of my power supplies on hand read a lower amp setting on my multimeter than they sticker on the unit says they output? Is this because there isn't a source pulling the max amps through?


After getting the replacement 6V 3A power supply, everything is now working; so it definitely was a lack of power. Thanks so much guys for your help! Although, with the 1st power supply being DOA and this replacement one getting super hot within a minute of being plugged in I'm now skeptical about this power supply's safety. Any recommendations on a quality power supply that outputs 6V 3A?

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