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In NINA library, client.connect(URL, port) manages a timer for waiting response from the server. The timeout is longer than two minutes. In my usecase, this value is too long.

How can we reduce the timeout to 10 secondes ? Beyond 10 secondes, i prefer to wait for the response by using client.connected, so that a script can do something else. Actually, the script is blocked for two minutes and 30 seconds.

my configuration : Uno Rev2  +  IDE 1.8.8   +  NINA firmware 1.2.1 + WiFi Nina library 1.4.0

Thanks for your help.




The question is whether the issue is in the firmware or the library?

In case it's the firmware, you might try using the newest NINA firmware 1.2.4. It comes bundled with this test build of the Arduino IDE:
Does the issue still occur after you've installed that version on your Uno WiFi Rev2?


thank you for this opportunity. Right now, i am spending vacations in mountains. I expect to test 1.2.4 firmware in a couple of days. How could i update 1.2.1 to 1.2.4  ?

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