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Topic: it is possible to read a .txt file from the pc???  (Read 137 times) previous topic - next topic


I've been looking a way to read a text file from the pc so i can get the values from.

i only found that is possible to read fro a SD but i will like to read directly from the PC using the filepath.

any help??


Unless there is program running on the PC that is sending the data then the Arduino cannot read from the PC.  Haw big is the file that you want to read ?
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What program could i use? the data is just a few  KB just a couple of numbers to give the values for variables on the program.


A program you write ;)

Aka, out of the box there isn't a way (unless you can find a project that did exactly that).
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Better serial terminals do exist. Something like RealTerm can pick a file and transmit it to the Arduino.
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You do realize that a file of "several kb" may be a problem to fit in the memory of an AVR arduino (Uno has 2k of ram, mega 8k, wifi rev 2 6k). The ones based on SAMD or some of the higher performance third party boards have more RAM).
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