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Hello, I could not find a forum group specifically for power supply/ups/charging/battery. My question/ concern is I purchased (2) 18650 Battery Charge Shield Board V3 and when the unit's charge connector is connected to a live power source with battery installed, the unit will provide the 3.3 and 5 volts to the external boards, such as Uno; however, when I unplugged the charge cable, the battery only stays on for 5 seconds and then shuts off, bringing down the Uno that is using it. I tried both boards and 6 different batteries. Both boards do the same thing. I know the batteries are good, because I can just use a basic buck/boost converter and run the UNO for long periods of time. (instead of just 5 seconds, if that same battery is plugged into these 18650 chargers)  I cannot find any adjustment POTs or things to change.  Anyone have this experience and able to fix it?  Here is the link of what I purchased:



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I have a coupe of these units and I haven't had a play yet, but I would think it has a load sensitive shut off.

That is you have to be using more than a certain amount of current to keep the unit switched ON.

Try adding a couple of LEDs with current limit resistors to the 5V of the UNO, or get the UNO to flash them and see if it stays ON.

I can't check mine at the moment, I'll look in the next day or so, but someone else may be able to confirm my thought.

Tom... :)
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hello Tom,

I did not think of adding more load.  I was testing with 1 LED load, and it failed, but I too will test with more load next time and see what I get.   Did you test your's yet? Thanks, Neil


It's a charger. That's all it does. Why would you disconnect the cable ?  If the battery is charged then remove it. Don't try to use a charger as a battery power source. There is nothing wrong with it.
It is not supposed to supply power when you remove the cable because the connector is a USB-A and
the website link says it is designed for Arduino charge, which means you connect a standard USB A-B
cable to charge you battery and then you remove the battery and the cable.

If you want a battery holder with charger input, that's a different device and you'll have to look for it.
You are trying to use a pair of scissors as a pair of pliers. You got what you paid for. If you want something else, find it and order it.
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I'm confused... are there two different units out there that look similar?  The Wemos one looks like a charger and a supply.
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I believe it is supposed to be a charger and UPS.  That is why it has connections for outputs (USB, 5volts and 3.3 volts.)  To supply power when the unit is unplugged from being charged. And it actually does supply power for about 5 seconds. I think it may have some overload or under load protection that I cannot adjust. Can someone  hack this board and tell me what to change?  Or is it truly only a charger? (why have all the outputs then?) T


It should be easy to determine if it has onboard regulators that run off the battery after the cable is removed. It is quite possible that they are directly connected so they still work during charging.
Look for the schematic a datasheet or surface mount regulator ICs.
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