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I received an old CS-1 controller from JL Cooper. It was made for audio editing on old Mac computers (and was to be connected trough an ADB port).

Would it be easy to use it trough an Arduino ? The rotary encoder should be fun to use.


It would helpful to open it and show to us the electronics inside.

We can imagine this stuff works by serial protocol.

Open it !


Here is the beast opened...

Some components I could identify:
The rotary encoder is a HRPG optical option #11 from Avago Tech (top left on the photo)
Sharp PC900 V: Digital Output Type OPIC Photocoupler
MHS P80C31: 8-bits microcontroller (Intel 8082).
Fairchild MM74HC373N: 3-state octal D-Type latch
Motorola MC74HC32AN: quad 2-input OR gate.
Motorola MC74HC04N: HEX inverter.
Motorola MC14070BPC: quad 2-input XOR gate.
Exel 9025 - XLS93C46P: Serial EEPROM (128k x 8 / 64k x 16).
And of course there is the "CS-1" chip.


It's an ADB (apple desktop bus). It's also difficult to find how it works. We can imagine that an serial bus but I can't find the protocol and the speed it works...

So from, it seems difficult to interface it with arduino. May be someone on this forum will be able to help you with ADB protocol.

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