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Goodmorning everyone,
I'm implementing the lwm2m client on arduino yun based on this project:


my problem is that after having correctly established the connection with the server I cannot change the values ​​related to the sensors. the code is as follows:

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 Process p;
  int temp = 0;
 void setup() {
 while (!SerialUSB);   
 SerialUSB.println("Init  bridge lib...\n");       
 String conn = "/root/./lwm2mclient -h leshan.eclipse.org -n arduino_yun_client -4";   


 void loop() {   
  temp = 0;
   changeResource("/1024/0/10", temp);

 void changeResource(String resource, int value){
    String conn = "change "+resource+" "+value;   

n particular, the changeResource method is not executed, which allows the values ​​related to the sensors to be changed. Or rather, the method is executed but actually p.println (conn) and p.flush () do not send any commands.

N.B. running the client (./lwm2mclient -h leshan.eclipse.org -n arduino_yun_client -4) and then entering the command change / 1024/0/10 5
 from arduino, through ssh it works perfectly.

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