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I have this old phone, the Sanyo PM-8200, which I've just disassembled, mainly because I know a couple people who might want the case. It met its demise a few years ago, the victim of a carbonated beverage. I pretty doubtful there's anything salvageable here, but it has 2 LCD displays and a camera w/flash. Don't know whether they work, but it's likely that getting the displays dissociated from their mount is beyond what I know how to do, or even care to spend time on.

I don't see a "for sale/trade/free" board here, and have my doubts as to whether anyone would be interested in this, but I have an aversion to throwing out something if it's actually useful.

So, is this possibly useful? To anyone? I can post pics for the curious.

ETA: I've done a web search for P/Ns which look like they might be display drivers, and come up empty.
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