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Hello, im new to arduino. I have got a arduino duemilanove 2009 board, but i want to use my atmega128 chip with arduino bootloader. Everything seems ok, i uploaded in atmega128 recompiled bootloader and seems to be working, PB7 led is flashing. But not right with fuse bits. PB7 led is flashing not with 1sec, but like with 0.5sec, but fresh bootloader uploaded in atmega328/168 is flashing with 1s. Right now is 16MHz crystal, when i put 4MHz crystal, it flashes slower, but i need to use a 16MHz crystal. Right now fuses are:
Low: 0xCF
High: 0x99
Extended: FD

And how to test comunication with arduino board and atmega128? I mean, i need only to connect RX/TX pins from board to atmega128 TXD/RXD pins for upload by arduino IDE?

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