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I am trying to add another air conditioner to the IRRemoteESP library on my computer and I keep getting the error "Undefined Reference: 'IRSend::sendFriedrich(unsigned short)' "

The compiler doesn't seem to be working right in that the above is defined in its own include file "ir_FriedrichAC.h" which defines the class.  Its actually just a copy of the GoodWeather.cpp and .h files that I modified for Friedrich.  It USED to compile just fine, then all of a sudden it started throwing this error.

Is there a way I can get the compiler to move on and compile it anyway?  I have been trying to fix this for several days now.

Below are the attached files...


You have the definition of the IRSend::sendFriedrich wrapped in a preprocessor conditional:
Code: [Select]
Where is that macro defined?


The define is set to 'true' in the IrRemoteEsp8266.h file.  The file that comes with the library doesn't have that, but I added it with the others in that file.  The file has a 'SEND_xxx' for every supported remote.  All except SEND_FRIEDRICH and SEND_NEC are set to false.

I should be defined as true, but if for some reason it isn't, I think an easy test would be to add some jibberish to the file at that location to see if the compiler complains.  I will do that and report back.

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