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I recently purchased this board and am looking for use the BLE functionality as a presence detector. I have really looked around to try and use various BLE libraries and everythime I have missing files.

Is there a library that anyone can recommend to use the BLE function as a scanner.

Thanks in advance


The Nano IoT 33 BLE is still available only for pre-order and won't be available for use until August. Are you looking into software in anticipation of receiving your board next month?

Arduino doesn't currently have a hardware core that supports the nRF52840 microcontroller used on the Nano IoT 33 BLE. They will need to get one published before that time. There is a nice hardware core for some of the nRF51 and nRF52 microcontrollers written as a volunteer project by one of Arduino's developers here:
so this might well be similar to the official nRF52 hardware core Arduino will provide. sandeepmistry's core says this of the BLE functionality:
This Arduino Core does not contain any Arduino style API's for BLE functionality. All the relevant Nordic SoftDevice (S110, S130, S132) header files are included build path when a SoftDevice is selected via the Tools menu.
Recommend BLE Libraries
So you can see that the nRF52 toolchain itself contains some resources for the use of BLE, and there is a 3rd party library that might be useful. I would suspect that Arduino will provide an "Arduino-style" BLE API right in their core. In fact, you might see how that API is going to look by checking out the development work on the ArduinoCore-API repository, which contains some universal BLE API functions:

I haven't looked at it closely, but it sounds like the core API is not going to follow exactly the format of the Arduino 101's BLE API, but that maybe a compatibility layer will be added to offer support for that API as well:


Ah, I see. I missed the "IoT" part. Thanks!

So check out the ArduinoBLE library:

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