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Hello, I have one arduino mkr 1400 connected on internet with sim card (3G), I would like to share my mkr connection via mkr eth shield with Raspberry Pi.I dont really know how to do, can somebody help me ?


No body to help me ?  :smiley-grin:
I have another question, if it not possible with MKR ETH, can I plug MKR1010 to MKR1400 and able to share the 3G connection of the MKR1400 with RPI via wifi from the MKR1010 ?



I saw your post, also very interested in an answer, and not specialist enough to bring an answer.

What I know is that your 3G connection will get one IP address.

If you want to share this IP with other devices through the ETH shield, you would need to perform routing, NAT, DHCP at the minimum. There are certainly implementation to do this.

I would say it is possible, not sure if it is with current libraries. I may want to dig into this once I have time.

Concerning using the MKR1010 as a shield on top of MKR1400, simply don't even think about it. These are master devices, shield are slave devices. Both devices will provide power to the other on 5V and 3,3V rails, and I would say it is not good.

It is an interesting project, cannot say go or no go for the moment.

However, if you need to provide 3G Internet to your Raspberry, apart from a DIY solution, I would recommend a 3G router, or a 3G USB dongle to plug in it.

Another option, but really specualtion, would be to upload the passthrough sketch on the MKR1400, and use serial port presented on your RPi as if it was a modem, and use standard dial-up Linux tools to connect, like this:


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