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Good Day,

I am from Germany and 17 years old. I have some experience with Arduino and more with CAD.

I am searching for People with whom I can build and develop a Computer that takes all sorts of measurements of an Object (Like a Rocket, Car, Airplane, Drone or other things) and logs than on an SD Card and is also able to transmit them to a Ground station.

Also, a Sensor Board would be cool, that you just connect to you're Arduino Projekt and have all kinds of Sensors. So you don't need to connect sensors and worry if you have done something wrong. And of course, you have all Senors quickly available. (It could very similar, just without an Arduino and Beattie)

An Example would look like this:

It should be able to do this:

-Arduino Mega, Due or Nano (((((teensy)))))
-Takes IMU data for Acceleration, Orientation...
-Takes track of pressure for hight measurements
-Temperature and other Air measurements
-Light Sensor
-IR Sensor
-Sound sensor
-Can drive Servos and maybe Motors
-small Display for output
-Has multiple output power source to ignite the Rocket for example or deploy parachutes
-LED´s and Buzzers of Course
-For transmitting data a LoRa module
-SD Card for saving the files
-Buttons to control

Of course, can always delete some Sensor (Functions) or add some.

I know this seems a lot and will take its time to develop. But I think if we all do a bit we can achieve this.

If you are interested in working with me or if you have some suggestions, please Contact me under this Post or by Email (jonah.osterried@gmail.com)

with regards,

Jonah Osterried


Sounds like a worthwhile project.

Are you familiar with ArduPilot: http://ardupilot.org/

It started out on Arduinos but has since graduated to higher capacity flight computers (though still very much with an Arduino flavour).

I's not sure if they have a branch for rockets - worth searching their forum, though they do have support for almost everything else that moves.

Given their huge body of exisitng work on IMU, sensors, mapping, etc etc, perhaps a viable path would be to branch from ArduPilot and then add the rocket specifc components (ideally as a supported project, contributing back to the ArduPilot base).




no I wasn´t. Ill look what they are doing.

But I still wanted a board with Sensors, so that i can connect them to a Arduino all at once. This would make life very easy for me, and I think for others too.

So if anybody has interest in working with me, please contact me.


Have a look at my friend Dyanko's blog he has circuits (open source) that does this.  Tell him Charlie sent you:


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For most rockets and other airborne stuff, size and weight is an issue and the flight computer suggestions appear to suggest a board that would be fairly large.

With 'do it all' boards you can end up with a board that has lots of components or connectors that most all people do not need or want to pay for. 

A flight computer for a small rocket will likely need to be very different to a flight computer for a large drone, is it possible to provide for such diverse applications in one design ?
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They already make devices like this. Look into telemetry for RC airplanes.  Pixhawk is a well known one and I plan to use it to add telemetry in the future for planes using OpenTX open source RC radio.  So unless you want to reinvent the wheel this is worth looking into.  It is Arduino/STM friendly.

It's one thing to do datalogging and another to have full telemetry being sent back to a base station. It's a good project but one that will require a lot of effort. Start with data logging and add the radio later.

I believe EU has restrictions on what frequency you can use without licenses. If that's even a possibility I'm not sure. In the US we are able to use ISM bands if the transmitters are low power and beyond that needs FCC radio license.
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