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I have a project that is fully coded and works well. I've been using the UNO for the project (midi controller with display) but I want to expand a few features and functions to the software but I'm maxed out of pins on the UNO. I also want to reduce the size and the Teensy will be the perfect fit.

So what is needed is to port the sketch so it works on the Teensy 3.2 board and add a few features which I can expand on with people that are interested.

If people could get in touch and we can go from there in terms of whats needed and how much people will want to charge etc.





Basicly you use arduino for teensy and that's it.
The code needs to be adapted so it works on the Teensy platform. It loads fine but doesn't work as expected so it needs to be ported over which is something I can't do.



It loads fine but doesn't work as expected
Could you be more specific? What are your expectations, and what does it do differently? Could you post your code as well? (Using [code][/code] tags.)

In almost all regards, Teensy is fully compatible with the Arduino Core API, so you shouldn't have to port anything, unless you're using low-level AVR-specific register manipulations in your code.



Hi Pieter,

So the button presses don't respond or do anything and USB midi for teensy needs to be implemented.

Button presses are not displayed on the display also. I'd also like a few other features implemented too.

I'd prefer not to post the code but I'm happy to PM it.




 "USB midi for teensy needs to be implemented." ... what's the budget?

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