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Hackscribble Ferro is a new library to connect fast, non-volatile FRAM memory chips to the Arduino.

Version 1.0 supports Fujitsu MB85RS devices with capacities up to 32KB per chip.  You connect them using the SPI bus and you can have multiple chips working in parallel.

The Hackscribble Ferro library makes it easy to use this additional memory, with functions to create, write and read arrays of any type of variable, including user-defined structures, and an extensive user guide.

Vesion 1.2 of the library is now available here.  Fixes a bug affecting writes to higher-order addresses.
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And hot on its heels, here is Release 1.3: http://hackscribble.github.io/hackscribble-ferro-library/

Significant performance improvements, plus some new example sketches.
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Release 1.5 adds support for 128KB (MB85RS1MT) and 256KB (MB85RS2MT) devices and a new test program for multiple devices.

Available now here:  http://hackscribble.github.io/hackscribble-ferro-library

Ray at Hackscribble
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Hi !

Is there a list off supported chips?  I have couple of ramtron fm24c256.


Hi Mladen

The library only works with Fujitsu SPI-connected chips.  Your Ramtron ones use the I2C bus, I believe.


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No idea where to post this, so using this old topic :)

I'm using the MB85RS64V and getting very odd test result.
Runnig the "multipletest" results in tons of errors with 65535 and 32896 where the expected results were 0.

Anybody got a idea where to look ?

Some extra info
It's an Adafruit MB85RS64V connected to an stock mega 2560  on pins 10,11,12,13.


I got a mikro click fram SPI 256kb from a friend , after a lot of searching for libraries i found yours , thanks for that , with help off test sketch i can see that it works now , but i cant make to read and write a int to fram , i want to write a counter (max 200) to fram , when power off , on power on can read the last counter. Can you help me , thanks


I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate the Hackscribble Ferro library.  I've been using it with the 8K Adafruit MB85RS64V chips, and found the Hackscribble library to be *significantly* faster than the library that Adafruit provides.  I don't know why.
Since I need more than 8K for some applications, and the 32K I2C FRAMs are too slow for my app, I've been stacking up to 3 8K FRAMs, which I don't love doing.
I finally decided to order some MB85RS2MTPH-G-JNE1 chips from Symmetry Electronics -- only $5.88 each.  I used the sample schematic that Hackscribble provided in the Github depository to see that the chip needs a 0.1uF capacitor between Vcc and Ground, and Hold and WP tied to Vcc (I did this with 2.2K pullup resistors, rather than tying them directly to Vcc as shown on the Hackscribble schematic.)  I'm new to electronics, but this just seemed like a good idea.
Since I'm controlling the FRAM from an Arduino Mega (a 5v device, and the big FRAM is 3.3v), I used a Sparkfun TXB0104 level shifter for CS, SCK, SI, and SO.
Somehow, to my COMPLETE shock, it worked the first time!  A 256KB FRAM, super fast on SPI!
So now I'm going to build a bunch of these.
Thank you, Hackscribble!!!

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