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Topic: Trying to get Zero working with Android AOA usb accessory protocol (aka ADK) (Read 2491 times) previous topic - next topic





I find a sketch called ADKTerminalTest, which is a demo for connecting to Android over USB using the AOA (Android Open Accessory) protocol. The sketch directs you to


for the Android code, but the link is broken.  Can any one give me a working link, or does anyone have the android code?


I've been trying to get my zero connected to my android phone.  I can connect my MEGA 2560 ADK to my phone with the ArduinoBlinkLed sketch from the USB host shield library 2.0-1.3.2 https://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/usb-host-shield-library-2-0.  This is the only sketch in the adk folder that still has a working link to its' Android code.

There is a fork of this library for the samd, called USB host library SAMD
But I can't get it working. Serial debug on Serial1 gets stuck at "Arduino Blink LED Started" and nothing happens when I plug my phone in and out.

The Android code is the same and works with the MEGA ADK, so the problem is with the Zero or its code. Anyone been here before?


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