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Jun 22, 2020, 02:14 am Last Edit: Jun 22, 2020, 03:08 am by DieKatzchen
I ordered the boards, and am in the process of ordering parts. Most of the parts are only available in bulk anyway, so I was wondering if I could find 9 people who want one and don't have one yet. If so, I can buy enough for 10 and then divide out and send them out at cost. I don't care about making a profit, but the inefficiency of 10 people buying parts, many of which are only available in bulk, and making 1 each and just... having 9 spare boards and 99 spare 100nf capacitors and 99 spare 1K resistors... it hurts me deep in my soul.

Anyway, the boards are blue, I also have the SD card conversion board, and the SNES to NES adapter. I won't be including the Mega, since it's easier for you to get your own, but I have a 3D printer so I will provide 3d printed parts to order. I won't even calculate the cost of the plastic because that's a pain. I only have red, blue, black, and white PLA, and clear PETG, although if enough of you want the same color I could probably be convinced to expand my palette.

Who's in?

EDIT: Oh, and I'll pre-program the pic, too



I've known about the Sanni reader for a couple years. I just signed up for the forum because I want to get one of these. There isn't a very good search function on this site so just going to ask here:

Where are official or recommended places to get kits? I found a link to assemblergames but that site has been down for a year or so now...I see some people selling fully assembled ones but they are too expensive, and buying all the parts seems like too much hassle.

I may be interested in DieKatzchen's offer 2 posts up depending on what other sellers are offering.

I was thinking about the INL retro dumper because it is assembled and fairly cheap but it doesn't seem as well documented / developed.



The recommended way is to just ask here in the forum. There is always someone that either just built a Cart Reader and has some parts left or is planning to build one in the future. Even if just 2 or 3 people get together and do a group buy it will drop the parts price significantly.


If you need one pre-assembled I could probably do it for a small fee. I won't do it for free because once you give one person something for free then everyone crawls out of the woodwork with their hand out, but we could work something out.


So at current prices, buying as much stuff as possible from the same place to minimize shipping, and factoring in money already spent, it will cost me ~$214 for ten worth. I'll spread it out over a few weeks to buffer the cost, make it $25 each to account for plastic, cardboard boxes so it makes it to you in one piece, and anything I forgot to take into account. You pay for shipping on top of that and you've got yourself a cart reader. As said before it comes with everything but the Mega, including the SD card board (but no SD slot) and if you want, I'll throw in the NES cart adapter (WITH slot). Heck, I'll even throw in some lengths of wire.


What would happen if you tried to rip a snes game with a dsp-1 enhancement chip like Super Mario Kart?
Would you get a error or maybe you would get a file with a messed up header?


What would happen if you tried to rip a snes game with a dsp-1 enhancement chip like Super Mario Kart?
Would you get a error or maybe you would get a file with a messed up header?
You would get a copy of the game.


I got a cart reader the other day.
Finally I have a backup of my mega cd saves and some famicom saves. Thanks everyone!
I have some suggestions and things to report.

1. The first thing I did was try to read a Japanese Sega/Mega CD Backup RAM cart.
At first, bramCheck read from address 0 was 0x0104 or 0x0704, with two different RAM carts.
The checksum read from address 0xC7 was the same value as bramCheck, leading me to believe that the cause was not something simple like a dirty cartridge slot or contacts.
So I made it so that bramSize is set when the lower byte is 0x04, or 0x06.
After that I was able to dump the RAM cart just fine. After connecting B2 /MRES and B27 /VRES with a jumper wire, writes work fine as well.
Now with the jumper wire soldered in place, I always get a bramCheck of 0x0004 with both carts.
While investigating this, I noticed that the checksum was being printed oddly, for example 0x0704 would be printed as 74. So I added the function print_Msg_PaddedHexByte that adds a leading zero digit when necessary.

2. Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu (Megadrive) SRAM is weird.
It apparently has only 8KB of SRAM, but my retrode outputs a save file of 16KB, with each byte duplicated.
When reading from SRAM using the cart reader, the high byte of each 2-byte word read from SRAM was 0.
You can also see this in Kega Fusion, where the first byte and every other odd numbered byte is 0xFF in the srm file.
So I made a new saveType 5 that duplicates the lower byte of each 2-byte word read from SRAM when saving to a file, as the retrode does. When writing to SRAM, read two bytes at a time and skip the first byte of each pair. The first byte is either the same as the second, or garbage like 0 or 0xFF.
Are there any other games like this?

3. Madara (Famicom VRC6 mapper 26) CHR data was not being read correctly.
Every other block of 4096 bytes would be all zeroes.
I don't know exactly what is going on, but I was able to read it correctly by using only the 0xD00X registers.
See commit 68292541d6966ebf422233bd55ce108acf42cda9 of https://github.com/jiyunomegami/cartreader

4. The global variable sramBanks is declared in GB.ino, but it appears you are using it unintentionally in writeSRAM of SNES.ino
Fixed in commit 4e7e9ece32486814a69b7636c282ad559e6b92e8

5. Due to the long compile/upload times to the arduino, I moved the options section of Cart_Reader.ino to a new file options.h
Currently my options.h is basically this:
#define startMenu smsMenu
#define enable_MD
#define enable_SMS
Each module is wrapped inside a #ifdef enable_MODULENAME, so when debugging a certain module, the other modules are not compiled. Upload time goes from seemingly minutes to seemingly seconds.

6. A year or two ago, I made a retrode game gear to megadrive adapter.
You can see the pin mapping here: https://consolingmyself.co.uk/post/18692678762/retrode-sms-gg-plug-in-adapter-pin-out
The main difference is that while Raphnet's adapter uses MD pins D0-D7, the retrode adapter uses the other half, MD pins D8-D15.
I was able to modify SMS.ino to use the retrode adapter. You just toggle "Retrode Mode" using the menu, and then you can use whichever adapter.
I also added basic SRAM read/write support.
When saving the SRAM to a file, it will always output the whole 32KB range, even if the SRAM is only 8KB.
I tested SRAM reading/writing with Lunar Sanpo Suru Gakuen (8KB) and Shining Force Final Conflict (32KB)
My adapter is GG only, and have not tested any actual SMS games, nor do I have a raphnet style adapter to test with.

You can see all of the changes in my fork on github at https://github.com/jiyunomegami/cartreader
Please consider merging some or all of the changes, if they are correct and can be properly tested.


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