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Hello everyone.

I need to make an XY microscope table for a microscope from old CD-ROM stepper motors.

I bought Arduino-UNO-R3-CH341SER+ l293d shield for that. However, it won't work. I tried to follow many guides on the web, but it won't do what it is supposed to do. I apply 5 V from PC power supply and the pic is attached.

I tested Arduino with blink sketch and it worked. I can see text in the serial monitor while a motor sketch is running, but motor is not moving.

Then I connected a DC motor from a PC to the shield and it won't spin as well.

My question is if there is a way to check the shield since I have checked Arduino with that blink sketch already? When I run the sketch for DC or stepper motors, shall voltage be applied to M1A and M1B so I can detect them with voltmeter? How can I easily check the shield?


Stepper motor or Dc motor? They are different cases. For stepper motor, your attached pic is wrong and without any info. Maybe wiring (drive to motor) is wrong. For DC motor, using Arduino is questionable.


Stepper is a goal; I want to check the shield with a DC motor to make sure the shield works.

Would I be able to measure voltage on M1A, M1B, etc. if I do not attach a motor?

I connected a stepper motor like this:

I followed an instruction on youtube strictly, but in the video it started to rotate and mine would not. They also attached a sketch code, so, I eliminate this as a possibility.


I think it's hard. I suggest you to check wiring: Which motor wire to which driver terminal.
However, i prefer A4899 for dirving such motors.


I think it's hard. I suggest you to check wiring: Which motor wire to which driver terminal.
However, i prefer A4899 for dirving such motors.
I will buy A4899 tomorrow!

Can you provide a link of a sketch to drive a stepper motor?


I wish your motor doesn't use more than 1.5 Amper in each wings. I' m sorry to not checking this before posting my previous answer.
A4899 is one the most user friendly driver. Many guidences are in net, just search.  Just think to powering:driver and board, 5 v low Amper and 12-35 volt higher Amper.


this looks like a clone of the adafruit motor shield v1. google that and you'll find tons of info, and a nice tutorial from adafruit. there's a library you can download and some sample code to test things out. the one thing to consider, is the l293d doesn't play nice with motors designed for low voltage. i think they say 4.5-25v. as long as your motor is in that category and doesn't draw more than 600ma constant per winding, you're good. you can also yank the l293d chips and put them on a breadboard or perf board so you still have all your unused pins available for IO. of course then you have to write your own code.

have fun and good luck!


Thanks to everyone! It works now! The reason was the shield that was a fake one or just did not work properly. I bought a new shield(original one) and it works like a watch!

I used these instructions:

and..arduino does apply voltage to the output electrodes even if a device is not connected!

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