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Jul 12, 2019, 06:54 pm Last Edit: Jul 12, 2019, 06:56 pm by cmd1024
I'm using Arduino Due and I set the analog read and write resolution to 12-bit for better resolution. Basically all I do is to vary PWM duty cycle by controlling analog DC input voltage from 0 to 3.3V. The simple code as it is now works fine as follows:

Code: [Select]

int pwmPin9 = 9;     
int analogPin0 = 0;   
int val = 0;         

void setup() {


  pinMode(pwmPin9, OUTPUT);  // sets the pin as output   


My problem is I need to set the frequency of the PWM output to 25kHz or at least something nearest above 25kHz.

I have been searching forums hours and couldn't find any solution. Here I came across a way but it doesn't work above 20kHz.

I made the following change in variant.h:

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#define PWM_INTERFACE       PWM
#define PWM_FREQUENCY       20000
#define PWM_MAX_DUTY_CYCLE  4095
#define PWM_RESOLUTION      12

 * TC
#define TC_INTERFACE        TC0
#define TC_INTERFACE_ID     ID_TC0
#define TC_FREQUENCY        20000
#define TC_MAX_DUTY_CYCLE   255
#define TC_MIN_DUTY_CYCLE   0
#define TC_RESOLUTION       8

But it only works for 20kHz. If I set to 25kHz or 30kHz I don't get any error but also don't get any output :((


The right way to set the ADC frequency and the DAC frequency is by triggering conversions with a Timer Counter or a PWM Event Line (not by altering variant.h :o )

Search in the DUE sub forum for example sketches.

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