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Topic: Using Seed Music Shield v2.0 to combine audio output with output for ext. LED´s (Read 350 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello everyone,

as my first time posting on this forum, I hope I can follow the requested forum-etiquette.

I am planning a project with the Arduino Music Shield v2.0 and the Arduino MEGA 2560.
My plan is to basically to controll LED´s through the digital I/O´s of the MEGA and have some mp3- music files play as certain LED`s light up. For example: LED no.1 turns on and at the same time an audio file is supposed to play throuh a speaker, giving out a warning of some sort. Now my question is; is this possible and if yes, would that be a simple if-statment with an AND-requirement in the code? Of course provided that the required library is uploaded to the music shield.

Thank you very much in advance.


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