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I think that the write of 1400 is what is making your motor run for 2 seconds.
I think you should troubleshoot this until you can successfully arm the ESC on one pass, not let it run multiple times.

You suggest that the arming sequence is to apply power and write zero throttle. 
This matches what I see in the manual section 05.
Is that what you are trying to do in your arming sequence?
If so, why are you writing 1400 in the arming sequence?

If you want to arm in the manner described in 05, write 1000 (zero throttle) at the top of the arming sequence.
Wait an appropriate amount of time.  You will know the amount if time because the ESC will give you the arming complete sound but you might start with 5 seconds or so.
Then, outside of your arming routine, try writing a value to the ESC and see if the motor runs.


Personally I use a version of the Knob example program modified so I can push a switch and print the write value at any time. That lets me play with values to work out what arming is actually needed.

It's also useful for doing throttle calibrations without needing a specialised program.


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