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Hi All,

I am working on building pneumatic actuators for a DIY flight motion simulator (2dof) using the outputs from SimTools motion software.

Is there anyone help me in making Simtools compatible with Arduino  and pneumatic actuators??

I even don't know how to code the Arduino!!! :smiley-confuse:  I am just trying to build a DIY heavy duty flight motion simulator.
Actually I need compatible Arduino  codes to control pneumatic actuators and other required equipments such as valves, etc ... . (what valve and  other equipments do I need?)

By the way, there is a compatible code called SMC3  (https://github.com/SimulatorMotorController/SMC3), but I think It is compatible only with DC motors and electric linear actuators. Can I use it for pneumatic actuators???
I will be grateful if you guys help me.
Thanks in advance

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