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Hi Everyone,

I hope this is the best choice for a category, if not please advise.

I want a solution that'll count switch closes while the arduino is sleeping and that won't hog up the arduino's interrupts.  I bought a couple PCF8583, most noteable for being an RTC, but also has an event counter mode.  I have it hooked up correctly, at least I'm pretty darn sure, I have the i2c working.  Problem is if I put even a simple switch on the input to this, when I close the switch it reads erratic counts of closures, sometimes 2 closures, sometimes 30 or more, and everywhere in between.  It's only supposed to count falling edges.  Any suggestions for making this thing work, or for maybe a different IC that'll count switch closures for me and allow me to read them w/i2c?  (i2c is easy for me, that's why I'd like to go that way).


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