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Topic: Firmware upgrade for UBLOX SARA-R410M-02B on the MKR NB 1500 (Read 96 times) previous topic - next topic


​Hi there,

We're developing an MVP around the MKR NB 1500 and need to upgrade the firmware on the board's UBLOX SARA-R410M-02B to gain access to some additional power saving capabilities.​ We see there are some pads on the board which maybe for a set of connectors to allow a firmware update, however we're not clear on the upgrade procedure.

Has anyone upgraded the UBLOX SARA-R410M-02B's firmware?

Also we're a little confused as to whether the board actually supports Cat-NB1 with the Ublox firmware it currently ships with (L0. We seem to think perhaps it only currently supports Cat-M1.

Any thoughts?

Some more information on the firmware update:





Hi Mark,

I would also be interested in knowing how to do this.

Something similar exists for board Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, procedure here.

This is also using a U-Blox, the NINA-W10.

However the MKR 1500 is relatively new and I am not aware of any similar way of doing. Maybe it would come with time.

Also read somewhere that firmwares for these modules are not publicly available.
Do you have the tool and the file?

Another idea would be to use the SerialSARAPassthrough sketch to upload the firmware from a PC through the uC. But that would be experimental.

I confirm that Cat-NB1 and Cat-M1 both are working form me on Swisscom mobile network.

My firmware version is L0. [Feb 03 2018 13:00:41], same as you.



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