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I'm working on a project that is working on the bread board other than a few small issues.

parts used are...

Mega 2560 pro mini (working as should, but not so sure about it lol)
BME280 I2C (sending temp, rh% and Pa as should)
128x64 OLED I2C (working as seen)
MPU6050 I2C (working unCalibrated)
Touch sensor (working)
Hall Sensor (Working)
Vibration sensor I2C (working)
SD Card SPI (working)
RTC I2C (not working as older than your Grandma, and got a new one on the way, I2C scanner sees it it's just not ticking time)

The MPU is not calibrated due to all online sketches not compiling for the board, I'm not too bothered about that as I'm getting raw figures and can write a sketch to take the average and offset in the calcs.

What I'm really asking is about input on the Mega 2650 pro mini (clone) and the Arduino IDE, I can click "Compile", it alarms, I click it again and it compiles fine? I did a bunch of stuff on the Nano and never had the compiling issues as I do on the 2560 mini, is this due to being a clone? or me not updating my IDE for 6 years?


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