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Hi , I would like to know how to implement this with arduino. This guy (  (http://www.spider-e.com/wp/?p=231    ) has done it succesfully with an intel galileo board. the whole idea is to use arduino UART with the corresponding timing values up to logic level to learn about 1 wire protocol.
     I digged over and over through the net if someone did this with arduino but without any success. I know there were experiments done with 2 arduinos and i2c. But what I really want to do is one-wire communication using uart and arduino , say with a DS18B20 temperature sensor.  Obviously not using the already existing onewire library. But doing an implementation with serial UART which makes the complete learning experience more fun.
     If any of you can help me out on this I would be so grateful.
This was what I found from maxim integrated.




Sorry for bringing up an old topic but i have the same question and didn't want to make a new topic.

anyone knows anything about this UART and arduino and DS18b20?


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Here is a general overview on the subject from Maxim.
Here is the relevant AVR-specific application note from Microchip.

If you just want to use the DS18B20 then you'd probably be better off just using one of the libraries for that particular sensor.

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