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This got packaged as a separate library in the hope that it may be useful to others.

Can be cloned from here.


"Grammar, Lexer, Interactive Terminal Command sHell"
  • Terminal / command host for inclusion in Arduino and embedded projects.
  • Simple definition of an arbitrary command grammar.
  • Interactive command and control with basic terminal emulation.
  • "Plug in" design - does not require fundamental project code changes.
  • Command help generated automatically from the command grammar.
  • Management of enums and associated string arrays - for use in code and the grammar.
  • Helps extension and maintenance of firmware code and configuration schemas by providing a single source, "master" meta config (if such functionality is relevant to the project).
  • glitch compiles the grammar and produces out.h and associated files.
  • itch.h is the parser and terminal - gets included with out.h in embedded projects.

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