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I'm looking to squeeze the handle of a hose nozzle, so that's about the force and throw I require.

I don't think it should be too expensive, so I was looking at this one $25 robotdigg.

I have a seperate 12v power supply that is rated at 30 watts, 2.5 amps.

There don't seem to be any manuals with that RobotDigg actuator, so I was hoping someone might already know the additional hardware I'll need to control this thing. A 12v relay? Which one and from where would be smart?

This looks like a great bet for the relay Featherwing from Adafruit same from mouser

Going to be making a chicken coop motion sensing water hose perimeter defense system with my 5 year old daughter. Will be hooking up some cameras to catch the action, and a timer or light sensor for on/off state.


Why not a use solenoid to turn the water on and off? You can still use nozzle. Significantly cheaper and easier than a linear actuator.
Vacuum tube guy in a solid state world


sure! I like that for sure. Do you have a recommendation for a solenoid to use?

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