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Hi all,

I am currently using MinIMU-9 v5 to get acceleration and trying to record the data to excel. I looked online and found a software called PLX-DAQ. It works fine on my laptop with some tutorial code online (One tutorial I found: https://medium.com/@islamnegm/quick-start-to-simple-daq-system-using-plx-daq-excel-arduino-d2457773384b). When I use the tutorial code, the PLX-DAQ read the data into excel perfectly. However when I run the code provided with the MinIMU-9 v5 (https://github.com/pololu/minimu-9-ahrs-arduino), it won't write data into excel. Although data can be acquired by the Arduino IDE serial moniotr. I use the correct port and baud and it connects perfectly, but it just won't write. 

Has anyone encountered the same problem with me, and have you solved the problem? I am really appreciated if you can help me with my problem.


I found I got a lot of help with the PLX-DAQ issue I had, when I had posted the code I was using to send data to PLX-DAQ.

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