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Hi !

I have a problem with my UNO board. After connecting four WS2812B leds, 12V power supply and USB cable to test everything my board started to overheating very fast. I disconnected everything and plug only USB cable to see if everything is ok. Unfortunately it's not :( Only ON led lights up, PC doesn't play plug-in sound and in device manager I can't see my board. Overheating elements are marked on picture.

Cheers from Poland !

PS Sorry for my bad English ;)


Thanks for letting us know! Now throw it in the bin, and don't try to power anything from the controller board again.
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Ahh sorry i forgot to ask what i have to do with this fact but if u said "throw it in the bin" i wilk do this. Thanks for help


Or keep it, buy a new one and repair it when you come at the point you know what you broke :)
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