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I have been having some problems with a robotic arm project that involves bluetooth as well as an app made in MIT app inventor. I would use specific sliders to control the degree of rotation of the servo but once everything was connected i worked well. However, once removing and connecting the power supply, it suddenly would not work. The servos would not move. I have determined to this point that the app is not the problem. The problem stems from the servo motors as testing with other programs, some of the servos did work. And using another arduino did not help. When implemening a code for the servos to go from 0 degrees to 180 and back it would stay at 180 and did not go back. Can somebody help me figure this out?
Link to the page i was following to make the arm


Can somebody help me figure this out?
Figure what out?  You want someone to find the mistake in the code you didn't post?  Or do you want someone to find the fault in the wiring schematic you didn't post?  Or do you want someone to tell you about the servo motors you didn't specify? 

Read through your post again, but this time pretend that you've not been working on this project and haven't seen it.  Put yourself in my shoes for a minute and think about it.  Could you figure anything out from that? 
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Everything Delta_G said +1.

Also, you mentioned that you implemented a code for the servos to go from 0 to 180 and back.  We call this action a sweep as can be found in the sweep tutorial.
You mention that at least one servo would move to 180 but not back.
Do all you servos behave this way?  Or only some?
If different servos behave differently, I propose that you have broken servos.
If all the servos misbehave, I suggest that perhaps the code is at fault.

Can you post the code that sweeps your servos back and forth?  Use code tags.

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