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hi, so i'm trying to work on a project to create a protective counter measure to avoid further electrical damage once an earthquake occurs

my plan is to install a system before the circuit breaker involving a relay module to regulate the electric connection in the household power line.

since i have limited knowledge in arduino coding, it's been hard for me to create a working code
the sensor acts as an earthquake detector that once it detects shaking, it should alert the relay module to disconnect the power

is there a code to link the MPU 6050 sensor to the relay module?
i need help asap, thanks!


is there a code to link the MPU 6050 sensor to the relay module?
There are hundreds of code examples using that sensor to do all kinds of things.  There's probably not one that's exactly what you want.  But I guarantee there is a code out there that turns an output on or off when it detects shaking.  We get that question here all the time. 

Even if there isn't, I'm absolutely positive that you can find examples showing how to read the sensor.  Beyond that all you need is your sensor data and an if statement.  There's nothing complex about it. 
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I am sure you have designed the system so the relay is powered all the time, except when there is an earthquake. Do you also have a means to reset the system back to normal after the quaking is over?


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