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hello, I have a board kernel is used RTL8711AM.

and it is support the arduino.

and I use arduino ide to edit the code with adc channel.

but I find the strange is that I detect the gnd,the adc show

the value of 134.

so I look up the RTL8711AM spec.

I find the adc chn2 is the 16 bit adc.

but the code for arduino is 10 bits adc.

is it cause the value error of 134?

and how can I used the 16 bit adc.

the spec of RTL8711AM  is not more detail

for register and code .

please  help me,thx


It is impossible to assist due to a complete lack of required details. You need to supply links to the specific product you are discusssing and a link to the Arduino core that you have installed.

Even with those pieces of information, it will be unlikely anyone can assist with a hardware based problem unless they have the same board as you and the problem can be recreated. Ultimately, your question is probably best directed to the manufacturer of the board and any support network they may have in place.
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