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here is a f great alternative, HeroCore! It has way more features, and works like a charm. I have one of the first prints.


I hear that really cool heroes post clickable links.

That Kickstarter page says that the 5V output is 5A, but the input voltage range is 4.5V-5.5V, which would imply there is no onboard 5V regulator. Wouldn't the 5V output current then depend on the rating of the supply which is powering the board, rather than the board itself?

The Kickstarter page also says this:
YES, you read that right. This is the only microcontroller in the world that has direct plugin for the most famous and cheapest WiFi in the world, the ESP-01.
which is patent nonsense. Here is one example of an already existing board that has an onboard ESP-01 socket. There are also plenty of boards out there that have an ESP-8266/ESP-01 incorporated into the board itself.
It is great that you've designed something like this yourself, and what you've built looks good. But this really isn't the place to try and oversell it.

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