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Topic: Feedback on proposed schematic - UBlox SARA-410M-02B with ATMEGA328p (Read 3495 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello all

I have tried to design a schematic using the Ublox SARA-R410M-02B for use on the AU narrowband network with an ATMEGA328p processor chip. Was hoping you could have a look at it and provide any feedback you may have: https://imgur.com/a/ccrckZp

Some questions I have:

- In order to power on the device, I intend on setting digital output 5 on the atmega328p to logic 0 (0V) and holding it, then forcing the chip to sleep via AT command over serial. Will this imply current draw will be 6uA per the datasheet?

- I am utilizing the TXD and RXD lines over software serial from tha ATMEGA328p. Do I need any other lines connected (i.e.  CTS, RTS, DSR, DCD, RI and DTR)?

- Can outputs D8 and D9 of the ATMEGA328p be used as software serial pins?

- I intend to make the track length to the U.FL connector very short (<10mm). Given this is much less than the RF wavelength  (700Mhz), is an impedance matching circuit still required?


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