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Good day,

I'll start by saying I am very novice and this is my first project ever. I'm learning on the fly.

I am running a 6V 2812b LED strip with 8 pixels in a "chase" sequence.
Power = (2) 3V lithium 123 batteries.
Driver = ATTINY85 that I've programmed with an Arduino Uno.

I plan on moving from breadboard to PCB soon, and would like to have custom PCB built. Before I do that, my question is:

Do I need a resistor? and if so, where do I run it?

The 2812B has a 6V connection, Ground, and Clock. So I am trying to learn WHERE to add the resistor in between the ATTINY85 and the strip, and also if there is anything I am missing before I solder into a PCB.

Thanks for your Help!



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You may want to check the WS2812 data sheet.

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It is said that you should put a resistor between the output data of the Arduino and the input of the led string.

WHY.? The data input on the leds has no protection and only needs a tiny bit of current to make it work.

And yes watch out for the 6v, it is a little high (20%) 5v is better.!

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