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Jul 21, 2019, 07:30 pm Last Edit: Jul 21, 2019, 07:33 pm by gryhkn

I'm trying to control DSS-M15S servo motor via Arduino Uno.
Servo link

But i can't figure out it. This servo is a little bit different from other servo's. Because there is cable called analog feedback input.

Is there anyone to help?


I'd say you control it just like any other, but if you read the 4th wire on an analog pin you will now be able to tell where the servo actually got to. Normally, we assume / hope it actually got to the position we commanded, but never actually know that. You could presumably just ignore the 4th wire.

The documentation will probably say what the relationship is between the position and the analog voltage (and thus the Arduino analog reading) but if not you could determine that experimentally: send the servo to a position, wait until it gets there, and read the analog.

Adafruit sell a similar servo and have Arduino code which may get you started.


imm, yes. i did. it just like other servo's. the problem is there isn't enough battery capacity. i changed and it worked. thank you for your interest.


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As a matter of interest, I see only 3 wires in the photo and mech dwg from your link...

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