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Hi Guys,

I know the Arduino uses a modified version of C language, but I'm struggling here. I know there will hundreds that will fix this in seconds.

I found an LED strip reaction game that is coded for MakerBoard, but wish to use it with the Arduino. Seems quite simple code, but...No matter what I do it errors on LEDStrip is not a name. Could someone please change the following code to work for me please.

My LED Strip is on data pin 2.....button I can put anywhere. Already use NeoPixel library. Maybe FastLed is needed.

Many Thanks

 * Reaction game-  press the button when the moving pixel overlaps
 * the center one. Speed increases each time you succeed

//Include the LEDStrip library to use the commands
#include "LEDStrip.h"

const byte numPixels = 15; //Number of pixels on a strip
const byte middlePixel = numPixels/2; //The pixel at the middle of your strip

int pixel = 0; //Position of the pixel on the strip

const int hitColor = 50; //The color of the strip when you hit the mark
const int missColor = 100; //The color of the strip when you miss the mark

int Direction = 1; //Direction of travel of the pixel

int delayTime = 300; //Starting time (in ms) between pixel movements

long timer = millis(); //Timer to control movement of pixel

 * Make the LED strip object LEDStrip strip
 *  = LEDStrip(numPixels, dataPin (DI), clockPin (CI));
LEDStrip strip = LEDStrip(numPixels, 13, 12);

void setup() {


void loop() {

  //If at the center pixel
  if (pixel == middlePixel){
    strip.setPixel(pixel,(hitColor+missColor)); //overlap the colors
    //If the button is pressed while on the center pixel
    if (digitalRead(A5) == LOW){
       delayTime= delayTime*.75; //delayTime reduced by 25%
      //Blink the hitColor to indicate success

  //When not on the center pixel
  if (pixel != middlePixel){
    strip.setPixel(pixel,missColor); //Set the moving pixel
    strip.setPixel(middlePixel,hitColor); //Set the center pixel

    //If button pressed when not at center
    if (digitalRead(A5) == LOW){
      //Blink all pixels the missColor for a second
      delayTime = delayTime + 100; //Slow down the ball

  //Every delayTime many ms, update pixel position
  if (millis()-timer > delayTime){
    timer = millis(); //Reset the timer
    strip.setPixel(pixel,-1); //Clear previous pixel
    pixel = pixel + Direction; //Move the pixel
    //If at either end of the strip, change direction of travel
    if ((pixel == 0)||(pixel == numPixels-1)){
      Direction = Direction*-1;

  strip.draw(); //Draw what was written to the strip this loop

//Change the reduction to delayTime time to make the game move more
//  quickly


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